Public Works

Ted Dzurinko, Director
Michael Sadowski, Deputy Director
16 Pioneer Avenue
Tallman, NY 10982
(845) 357-0591

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The Department of Public Works is responsible for the delivery of various Town services to the public. The Director of Public Works is responsible for the proper administration and operation of the 4 divisions that make up the Department of Public Works. Those 4 divisions are Engineering, Solid Waste and Recycling, Sewers and Central Garage. The Department of Public Works also issues permits for sewers, reviews dedications, handles drainage issues, and any disturbances.

This division is responsible for all engineering services in connection with the functions of the Town. Some of the tasks include the design of storm drainage and sanitary sewers and the performance of routine inspections of projects. They review projects that are being constructed within the unincorporated Town of Ramapo. Projects outside of the Town that may affect its residents may also be subject to review by this office. Certain complaints from residents may be handled by this department as well. The current Town Engineers are Edward Dzurinko, Michael Sadowski, Ed Moran and Paul Gdanski.

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Solid Waste and Recycling
This division is responsible for all collection, removal and disposal of solid waste in the unincorporated Town. This division also coordinates the recycling program in the Town of Ramapo. For more recycling and waste management information visit the Rockland County Solid Waste Management Authority web site at Read about A Cleaner Ramapo in the eNewsletter. Questions can be dirercted to the individuals who answer the phone at (845) 357-0591.

This division is responsible for the operation and control of all facets relating to the construction, maintenance, repair and inspection of the sanitary sewers and pumping stations within the Town of Ramapo. This department handles new sewer extensions, removes blockages, and inspects new sanitary sewer installations. For any connections to the Town’s sanitary sewer lines, a hook-up permit must be obtained from the Town Clerk. Our sanitary sewer supervisor is Gary Wren and can be reached at (845) 357-0591.

Central Garage
This division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all Town vehicles and equipment. The supervisor of the central garage is Brian Spillman and he can be reached at (845) 357-0591.

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