Town of Ramapo, New York
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Building, Planning and Zoning

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Ian Smith - Building Inspector

(845)-357-5100 ext. 326

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The Town of Ramapo Building, Planning and Zoning Departments reviews building permits, Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals application. 

The Town of Ramapo Building Department works with new homeowners and long-time residents interested in building a new home, or making alterations to an existing one, as well as people wishing to do commercial construction and alterations, including change in occupancies. The department’s objective is to help make the building permit and certificate of occupancy (C.O.) process as simple as possible.

Building permits and certificates of occupancy ensure that residential and commercial properties in the Town of Ramapo meet the building codes for structural soundness.

Community Design Review Committee

(845) 357-5100 (Ext. 269 or 283)

This committee, consisting of the Director of Building, Planning and Zoning, the Town Engineer and Town Planning Consultant, meets once a month to review applications being submitted to the Planning Board. This committee recommends changes they feel necessary prior to the applicant appearing before the Planning Board.


Ian Smith
Michael Klatsky
Joel Bianchi
David Stolman
Sharon Halon

Planning Board

(845) 357-5100 (Ext. 269 or 283)

Planning Board

Sylvain Klein, Chairperson
Leo Moster
Yakov Basch
Bracha Gobioff
Yisroel Eisenbach
Leba Berkowitz
Jose Collazo
**Ariel Dahan
**Alternate Member

The Town of Ramapo Planning Board consists of seven members and meets once a month. The Planning Board reviews and grants approvals for site plans and subdivisions. They also make recommendations to the Zoning Board of Appeals and Town Board on various zoning and planning matters.

Zoning Board of Appeals:

(845) 357-5100 (Ext. 282)


The Town of Ramapo Zoning Board of Appeals consists of six members and meets once a month. The Zoning Board considers appeals for variances from the zoning ordinance, appeals of the Building Inspector, special permit applications and requests for zoning interpretations.

Architectural Review Board

(845) 357-5100

Ian Smith
Michael Klatsky
David Stolman
Sharon Halon