Town of Ramapo, New York
Questions? call: 845-357-5100

Town of Ramapo Boards & Committees

Board of Assessment Review

Fred Sauberman

Llyoyd Tash

Mordechai Perlstein

Shelly Karben

Martha Patrick

Community Development Program Citizens Advisory Committee

Mark W. Berkowitz

Lenny Lesin

Norman Kramer

Willy Paraison

Zoning Board of Appeals

Charlene Weaver, Chairperson

Jacob Lefkowitz

Yola Journal

Dovid Leiman

Shimon Singer

Planning Board

Sylvain Klein, Chairperson

Leo Moster

Yakov Basch

Bracha Gobioff

Yisroel Eisenbach

Leba Berkowitz

Commission on Ethics

Richard Weinberger, Esq. - Chairperson

Christian G. Sampson- Co-Chairperson

Morton Silberberg, Esq.

Arno Regensburger

Rabbi Eliezer Halberstam

Housing Authority

Hersh Horowitz

Moses Resenfeld

Sara Eidlitz

Tenant Representatives

Faith Winters

Jaques Lauture

Site Selection Committee for Group Homes of the Town of Ramapo

Karyn Kornreich

Anna Alexander

Willy Paraison

Traffic Safety Board

Brad Weidel

Thomas Cokeley

Martin Reilly

Blaine Howell