Assessor's Office

Scott J. Shedler, Town Assessor
(845) 357-5100 Ext. 255

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The assessor establishes a value on real property so that school, county, town, and special district taxes can be apportioned among the property owners.

The assessor’s office reviews hundreds of recent sales every year to determine the market values of different styles and sizes of homes in various sections of the town. Sales of vacant land and commercial property are also analyzed.

The assessor administers real estate property tax exemptions authorized under state and local law. These include partial exemption for veterans, elderly and physically disabled people. In addition, there is a basic School TAX Relief (STAR), enhanced STAR for senior citizens who qualify, agricultural, solar, clerical and business incentive exemptions. Partial or full exemptions for certain parcels owned by nonprofit organizations, which qualify by reasons of religious, charitable, educational, or cemetery use, are also granted. In all cases, applications for these exemptions must be filed by March 1.

The tentative assessment roll is available at the assessor’s office on May 1, and notices of any changes in assessment are mailed to property owners at that time. Any person may examine his or her own assessment or that of any other parcel in the town. Property owner who feel that their assessment is inequitable must file a protest between May 1 and Grievance Day, which by state law, is the fourth Tuesday in May. The final assessment roll is filed on July 1 and it is on the values in this roll that taxes for the following year are levied.

How to Contest Your Assessment Booklet (PDF Document)

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