Town of Ramapo, New York
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Birth Certificates

Births occurring in unincorporated portions of Ramapo and in the Villages of Airmont, Kaser, New Hempstead, and New Square are filed here. To record a birth and obtain a birth certificate:

  • Certificate form completed by parents, doctor or midwife.
  • Completed certificate submitted to Clerk's Office with proper ID.
  • Registrar or Deputy Registrar signs, dates, and files certificate.
  • Official Birth Certificate is mailed to parents.

Birth Transcripts

Legal equivalent to an original Birth Certificate that is available to the person on the birth certificate if 18 yrs of age or older; to the parents of the person named; to a lawful representative; or to a person with a NY state court order.  The application requires identification and information pertinent to the birth. There is a $10 fee.