Town of Ramapo, New York
Questions? call: 845-357-5100

On January 24th Supervisor Michael B. Specht convened a traffic safety meeting at Ramapo Town Hall. Michael Galante, traffic engineer for Frederick P. Clark Associates was on hand to answer residents' and officials' questions.

Supervisor Michael Specht, Police Chief Brad Weidel and Michael Galante addressed the attendees.

The Town of Ramapo is currently accepting resumes from residents who would like to join the newly formed Traffic Safety Committee. 

The following topics and suggestions were discussed at the initial meeting:

⏠Applying for traffic safety grants

⏠Current funding environment and benefit-cost analysis

⏠Seeking new funding sources

⏠High quality streetscape design

⏠Bus facility, safety, art, congestion/air quality, security, innovative transportation tech (smart sensors on transport corridors)

⏠Neighborhood transportation study open houses where a community driven effort can identify existing issues and desired changes

Traffic Access and Impact Study

NYSDOT Pedestrian Traffic Safety Study