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Property Owner's Toolkit


“If the citizen doesn’t like the comparable sales then let them choose their own.”

Comper is an interactive map-based application that allows the taxpayer to view their property alongside similar properties that have sold nearby. The citizen can then select which comps they wish to use as evidence and save them. Simple, easy to use filters allow the citizen to select the sales evidence they feel best represents their own property.



Is Your Assessment Accurate?

Your assessment should reflect the approximate value for which you could sell your property (market value).  If you believe your assessment is too high, you have the right to request a review of your assessment. 

Grievance Period is between May 1 and the fourth Tuesday of May.

Informal Assessment review is open from September 1 - March 15.


Printable Grievance Booklet

How to estimate the market value of your home

Fair Assessments: A Guide for Property Owners



Fairness and Equity: The Job of the Assessor. Approximately 11 minutes long and gives viewers an overview of the various tasks of the assessor as well as discussing the importance of fair assessments. (WMV - 31.1 MB)

Contest an Assessment (Youtube)

Is your Assessment fair? (Youtube)


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