Town of Ramapo, New York
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Town of Ramapo Named the Safest Place to Live In New York State

The National Council of Home Safety and Security and, professional review sites dedicated to making communities safer, has named the Town of Ramapo the safest place to live in New York State. SafeHome also named Ramapo as the fourth safest place to live in the United States! National Council and SafeHome used a variety of data sources and a combination of the FBI's latest report of how many and what types of crimes occur, crime trends and other data points such as law enforcement officer ratio, demographics, population density, unemployment rate, income, education level etc. to come up with their scoring. 

“Ramapo has a thriving law-abiding population. The crime rate is extremely low for such a large Town. We also owe much gratitude to our professional, expertly trained police force led by Chief Brad Weidel,” said Ramapo Supervisor Michael B. Specht. The Supervisor also credited local volunteer citizen groups who equipped with advanced dispatch and communication systems are able to provide non-emergency volunteer aid to the residents of Ramapo.

In our continuing efforts to keep our community safe, once again we will be offering “Keep Ramapo Safe” reflectors which were newly designed. They are available free of charge in the Town of Ramapo Supervisor’s office. 

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