Town of Ramapo, New York
Questions? call: 845-357-5100

Death Certificates

Deaths occurring in unincorporated portions of Ramapo and in the Villages of Airmont, Kaser, New Hempstead, and New Square are filed here. To record a death and obtain a death certificate:

  • Information normally collected and brought in by funeral director.
  • Registrar or Deputy Registrar verifies, signs and dates certificate and issues burial permit.
  • If remains are to be cremated, a cremation number must be obtained from Medical Examiner's office and recorded on the certificate.

NOTE: Births and deaths at Good Samaritan Hospital are recorded by the Registrar of the Village of Suffern (357-2600), not by the Town of Ramapo.

For New York State Vital records please visit the state web site at

Death Transcripts

Death transcripts are available to a surviving spouse, parent, adult child, or sibling of the decedent. Transcripts are also available to funeral directors or anyone who can demonstrate legal right or claim. There is a $10 fee, however one transcript is free at the time of death if the decedent was a veteran.